Meet the Team: Cecelia Stewart, Product Marketing

Friday, May 6, 2011 | 1:29 PM


Editor’s Note: We love highlighting our users here on the blog, but we thought it’d also be fun to introduce you to the people behind the Google Places magic. And, of course, find out some of their favorite places around the world.

Location: Mountain View, CA

What do you do for Google Places?

I work on the Product Marketing team, which means that I get to tell the world about all the fun features on Google Places. Be it partnering with a local business or writing blog posts about new features, I love spreading the word about Google Places and its benefits with our users.

I also get to work with lots of different people on our team. I work with both Vanessa and Mat, and many others you’ll meet in the upcoming weeks.

On your Places app, what are some of your saved categories?

My go-to categories are always restaurants and coffee shops. I love to eat out, and I especially love to try new places. Check out my Places profile to see some of my favorites.

What’s one city you’ve been to that you absolutely loved, and what did you do there?

One of my favorite cities in the world is Milan, Italy. Both the food and shopping there are awesome. I also have family there, so that’s an added bonus. The last time I visited, I brought along my friend Whitney, and we created a My Map of our favorite spots. If you ever go, I highly recommend grabbing a pizza at Pizzeria La Baia.

Name a place you have on your “Saved” list and why.

Town Hall has been on my saved places list for a while. Many of my friends have rated it 4 or 5 stars on Places, but my fiance and I really are waiting to go with our friends Courtney and Josh. The four of us love trying new spots in SF. Josh is also an avid Places reviewer, so check out some of his favorites.

If you were an emoji (our little yellow mascot), what would you look like?

My emoji would clearly reflect my devotion to my alma mater the University of Texas. Hook’em.

Tell us three of your Best Evers and why.

Highlands Cafe: I’ll admit this is biased because this is my mom’s tiny restaurant in Dallas, Texas. It’s a fun community oriented restaurant that focuses on connecting people in our neighborhood. Whenever you go to the “cafe” you always see a friendly face or someone you know.

Pizzeria Delfina: This is my favorite neighborhood spot in San Francisco. In my opinion, it’s the best pizza in San Francisco. I’m really lucky to have it just 5 blocks from my house. If you ever go, I highly recommend the Panna pizza and the Gragnano wine.

Frances: This is one of my newer favorites, and it’s another San Francisco neighborhood place. The food is outstanding, and the restaurant is really quaint and fun. Last time I went we had maple beignets that were to die for.

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c.compo said...

Such a fun job! I'm jealous.

Halfbee said...

OK - so I know there are a few cafe's and stuff west of the Atlantic Ocean. However when are you guys going to move a bit further east.
I like Places and I can see it going a Google miles but you are going to make some the great things you do at Google easy to access like from the menus like Gmail. Come on integrate both with the world and within the Google portfolio, then maybe you will get the social leverage you desire.

kind regards