Introducing our Chicago community manager: Amy Ravit Korin

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 | 8:00 AM


Hello, Chicago!

You may know me as interactiveAmy, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve recently joined the Google Places team as the Chicago community manager. If you are lucky enough to call Chicago your sweet home, then you know that Chicago is second to no other city (though our nickname, “Second City,” may suggest otherwise).

That's me, Amy, live-tweeting from the press pit at North Coast Music Festival.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be welcoming Google Places to the Windy City in true Chicago style. Together, we’ll rate and review our way around town, share recommendations with friends and have a blast doing it! Follow me on Twitter at @GoogleChicago to find out the latest Google Places news and upcoming local events.

A bit about me: I’m a fifth generation Vermonter who moved to Chicago after four fun-filled years in Ann Arbor (Go Blue!). A decade later, I still consider Chicago to be “my kind of town,” and I am here to stay. Along the way, I’ve picked up an MBA from Loyola University’s Graduate School of Business and become a fixture on Chicago’s exciting networking scene. I live and breathe social media personally and professionally; I’m an online dating success story (I reconnected with the first boy I ever kissed and married him), and I currently serve on the Board of Directors for Social Media Club Chicago.

I’m also a huge supporter of music and the arts, as a member of Steppenwolf’s Auxiliary Council and a season ticket holder to Broadway in Chicago. For the past two years, I’ve had the privilege of being the Press & Social Media Director for North Coast Music Festival in Union Park. I love the band Phish and will go the distance to see them — to date I’ve been to 80+ shows.

Some of my favorite Chicago things to do (and eat):

  • I love to play outside and when the warm weather hits, you can find me supporting local farmers at Green City Market in Lincoln Park. I almost always leave with cheese, fruit and fresh flowers! 
  • As an East Coaster by birth, I am partial to the boiled bagel. NYC Bagel Deli is a weekend staple (I even went there right after getting engaged!) I love their bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with honey mustard, lettuce and red onion on an everything bagel. Mmmm:
  • I love antiquing. Architectural Artifacts is one of my favorite spots for vintage furniture and I could easily pass an afternoon sorting through their massive inventory on the Ravenswood corridor.
  • When looking for late night fun, I head Uptown to the legendary Green Mill Cocktail Lounge. With its Prohibition-era speakeasy decor and an eclectic crowd, Green Mill is a great place to wrap up a night, with a Jack & Diet and an after-hours jazz party featuring Sabertooth from midnight to 4 a.m.!
Late night tunes with the ladies. That's me on the right!

Chicago is a fantastic place to be if you are a foodie, a sports fan, museum goer, pet parent, cultural explorer, music lover, movie buff and the list goes on. Lucky for me, I am all of the above and then some! But enough about me, let’s talk about you: What are your favorite places in this amazing city of ours? Share in the comments, review ’em on Google Places or tweet ’em at @GoogleChicago. Cheers!

Posted by Amy Ravit Korin, Chicago community manager


JD Crouse said...

Hi Amy,
Who is the Denver community manager? I'd like to be 'in the know' when this comes to Colorado Springs, CO

Amy Ravit Korin said...

Hi JD, Thanks for your support. We don't have a Denver community manager, but stay tuned to the Google Places blog for any news on that front.

Amy Ravit Korin said...

Thank for your support, JD! We don't have a Denver community manager, but stay tuned to the Google Places blog for any news on that front.

JD Crouse said...

Thanks Amy!
I would like to be involved in bringing Google Places/Denver to the Mile High City!! Who would you suggest I talk to?

Tim McDonald said...

This is awesome news! I didn't even know it until I received my Google alerts for "Community Manager" Google is lucky to have you on their team and Chicago is lucky to have you as a community manager! Guess that explains the follow from GoogleChicago today!

Amy Ravit Korin said...

Thank you Tim!
I am very excited to bring Google Places to Chicago, and am hopefully that our social media savvy city will soon start to rate and review their favorite places all over town!

David D. "Griff" Griffith said...

That's awesome Amy! Wow, I can say I knew you when... :D

I'm really proud of you.


Amy Ravit Korin said...

Thank you, Griff!
Rockford counts in our DMA so thanks in advance for sharing your favorite Places reviews with us. We know you get around!